Let’s Make Women Outreach a GNOME-wide Effort!

As part of the Outreach Program for Women in GNOME, the GNOME Foundation is sponsoring at least three internships for women from December 15, 2010 to March 15, 2011. These internship dates are aimed at the college women in the Southern Hemisphere who will have a school summer break during this time. However, any woman who has relevant experience and is available for a full-time internship is welcome to apply.

The application deadline is October 25, 2010. As part of the application process, we are asking women to take the time to learn about the participating projects and make a contribution to the one they are interested in. These projects include ones in programming, graphic design, documentation, and marketing.

Here is the program flyer designed by Máirín Duffy!
Outreach Program for Women internships poster
I’d like to ask people in the GNOME community to help with the women outreach effort in these two ways:

Be a mentor – Add your project to the list of projects participating in the program. This list is not only intended as a list of possible internship projects, but also as a list of friendly contacts who women who find out about GNOME can ask for help anytime throughout the year. Even though it goes without saying that all GNOME projects welcome new contributors, just having the text that speaks directly to women will give them the extra encouragement to get involved!

Spread the word – Especially if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you know best which universities and organizations we should send the information to. You can post the program flyer at your university or hand it out at a conference you are attending. Perhaps, you even personally know somebody who should apply! The linked page has the text for the e-mail you can send to people, the flyer you can attach to an e-mail or print out, and even a sample dent / tweet :)!

Thank you for your help!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Make Women Outreach a GNOME-wide Effort!”

  1. @F Wolff It’d be great to have localisation projects too, so please feel free to add ones you’d be able to mentor to the participating projects page. Thank you!

    @Leigh We are aiming the December 15 through March 15 internship dates for the college women in the Southern Hemisphere who will have a school summer break during this time. We’ll have another round of internships June through August, that will be more suitable for advertising in the colleges in the Northern Hemisphere. We will have the flyer for that sometime in March and it will be great if you’ll be able to post it on campus then! Thank you!

  2. I like the artwork but why it must say “Work on a cool Linux desktop”?

    GNOME is available for other OS’s than just Linux. We can use other OS’s as well like HURD, FreeBSD, SunOS and so on. So if we replace “Linux” on it to “Unix”, we get it to correct context.

  3. @Fri13 I think we want to use what is most widely known. Most of the women who will be good candidates for this internship opportunity will already be using GNOME, and will be familiar with it in the context of a Linux OS. If someone is using one of the other OS’s she is likely to know about Linux and about GNOME being used across multiple OS’s.

  4. @Marina

    As you are partically right, I just need to say that I believe it is more important to tell people about the possibilities and other choises what are there. That is faire and good marketing in open community when we stick together and we actually say what are the possibilities. Like GNOME is not just for Linux OS (=kernel) but for other OS’s as well. That is one thing from what people critics the Canonical that they do not say that they use Linux as their OS and GNOME as their desktop but they give the illusion that they have done those and all the other software and that you can not find anything similar from other systems.

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