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The GNOME Newcomers Workshop might be coming to a conference near you this summer! Owen Taylor and I will be hosting one at GUADEC in Strasbourg, France on Saturday, July 26 and one at Flock in Prague, Czech Republic on Saturday, August 9. If you have never contributed a patch to GNOME before or even have never used GNOME, this workshop is for you! You’ll get a quick overview of the GNOME project, have a chance to install GNOME in a virtual machine, and learn the tools and the process of contributing a patch. If you plan to come to either workshop, please add yourself to the list of attendees.gnome-balloonIf you can’t attend one of the workshops, you can install the available image in a virtual machine and go through the newcomers tutorial used at the workshop on your own. You can ask any questions you have on IRC.

We would like to have one helper per three newcomers at the workshops. If you are an established contributor and will be available, please sign up now to help with the workshop at GUADEC or Flock, and then you can check the room in the beginning of the session to see if we need your help based on the attendance. I’d love to see more people running the Newcomers Workshop locally or at other events they attend. Helping out with one of these sessions would give you a chance to learn how it works.

In addition to hosting the Newcomers Workshop, I will be speaking about how to be an ally to women in tech at GUADEC and about the Outreach Program for Women at Flock.


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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, the majority of attendees who will need the image are using Windows or Mac, so Owen currently only makes an image that works in VirtualBox. It might be possible to make an image in a format that will work in Boxes too. That would only be useful for people who already have a recent GNOME system and want to use the image because it has a pre-built version of the JHBuild checkout of GNOME.

  2. Yeah, I understand the issue. I’m trying to work on fixing it actually by adding support for OVF files in Boxes so you can share VMs (rather than images) between different VM managers.

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