Reporting Fedora Virtualization Bugs

When reporting bugs against Fedora, the BugsAndFeatureRequests wiki page is a great place to get some information on the kind of things you can do to provide useful information in the bug report.

I’ve just added a page on reporting virtualization bugs. Hopefully it’ll help people find narrow down bugs, log files, get debug spew etc.

And, of course, it’s a wiki page – so go ahead and add your own tips!

2 thoughts on “Reporting Fedora Virtualization Bugs”

  1. You may have noticed that I moved the page back to [[Virtualization Quick Start]]. Among other reasons, having a natural language title makes the title searchable and localizable.

    Unfortunately, MediaWiki doesn’t search for strings within CamelCase page names, and doesn’t prioritize or organize search by Hierarchies/Pages/Nested. Searching for ‘virtualization bugs’ turns up very little that is useful:

    So, you might want to consider taking your wiki gardening effort a step further. You could rename pages, such as [[Tools/Virtualization/BugReporting]] to [[Reporting virtualization bugs]]. As long as they have [[Category:Virtualization]], they will appear in the this page:

    Categories are the way to nest hierarchies, Thus, if you put [[Category:Tools]] in the page [[Category:Virtualization]], it makes [[Cat:Virt]] a sub-category of [[Cat:Tools]].

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