Thank you, address sanitizer developers

I don’t often write useless blog posts, but today will be an exception. The address sanitizer (asan) is a ludicrously good tool. The developers deserve a huge thank you.

There are other good sanitizers too, but asan is what I have been using recently.

Thank you!

3 Replies to “Thank you, address sanitizer developers”

  1. Please clarify, I’ve never heard of this tool or library. I just searched and found some developer tool that detects invalid pointer use. Is this the Google project that I found?

    1. Yes… it’s built into GCC and Clang, just compile with -fsanitize=address

      Or with meson: -Db_sanitize=address

  2. Haha, my best guess as to address sanitizer was something that cleans up “Michael Catanzaro?q=boner+pills GREATERTHAN mcatanzaro@go√ł!alert(show password()) LESSTHAN”

    This is why we have URLs, and parenthetical asides :-)

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