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Fresh and Unfiltered

Friday.  The end of a long week.  There isn’t much I like better than to kick back with a bottle of India Pale Ale*.  Usually a fine craft brew from Stone, Dogfish Head, Victory, or Clipper City/Heavy Seas. Tonight, though, … Continue reading

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Why ‘How’ Matters

“Morally adversaries isolate themselves when they visibly improve their well being to the detriment of others (i.e. their allies, the uncommitted, etc.) by violating codes of conduct or behavior patterns that they profess to uphold or others expect them to … Continue reading

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No Horizons

After a decade of working at Johns Hopkins University on the Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys I have left that amazing team to join another… I am happy to announce that as of mid-January I have joined Red … Continue reading

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