Anne Dudley Interview

Back in the summer of 1987 seminal sampler/synth band The Art Of Noise played Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT. At the time I was a DJ at WRTC-FM, the radio station of Hartford’s Trinity College. I hosted a show I called Mutant Central Broadcasting that delved into punk, new wave, synth and all kinds of new (at the time) music. Cutting edge “you-don’t-hear-this-on-commercial-radio” stuff.

One of the perks was free concert tickets and backstage passes. So when The Art Of Noise played Toad’s, I grabbed a mic and deck and made the 45 minute trek. It was a great show, and afterwards AON member Anne Dudley gave some interviews. She was very charming, but I could tell she was tiring of the same stupid questions from the same type of “music reporters.” She perked up a bit when she found out I was from college radio, and even more so when I said, “Why don’t you interview me? You seem bored of the same-old same-old.” We had a blast.

After Anne’s full interview of her interviewer aired on my show, local fanzine Subculture (long since deceased) asked for a portion in written form for their magazine. I obliged. And recently I found my old issue of Subculture with said interview snippet, and have transcribed it to HTML.

Submitted for your enjoyment is Anne Dudley of The Art Of Noise interviewing yours truly. Thanks for being such a brick, Anne. And for the fond memories. And you know, in hindsight I should have taken you up on your offer to run away to Canada together. You’re a great gal. 🙂

mneptok interviews anne dudley
of the art of noise

july 15, 1987
toad’s place – new haven, ct usa

from the hartford, ct area fanzine subculture

slip of a tongue
an interview with anne dudley of the art of noise

the art of noise are people, not machines. the art of noise know their limitations. the art of noise sing and dance. they move and remain in flux. they played toad’s place july 15th. they spoke to me after the show and queried …

anne dudley: do you come down to toad’s place very often?

mneptok: only when the art of noise are in town. so i’ve been here about six times in the past week.

ad: really? and which version of the art of noise did you prefer? the mutant version, the minimalist version?

m: i liked the small version.

ad: the small version. that would be our jazz trio.

m: right. the benny goodman cover tunes were terrific. the production was very clean and the band seemed to have a genuine interest in the music they played.

ad: so you were totally taken in by it?

m: i haven’t been able to put it out of my mind.

ad: well, i’m very flattered. you see, i wasn’t even there. as a matter of fact, none of the art of noise were there at all; we sent our managers. we have very attractive managers, we just put them in costumes and make-up…

m: i couldn’t believe the guy dressed up as yourself, he was very convincing as a woman.

ad: exactly, i just control him from my satellite in orbit around new haven.

m: is it small in there? do you have to sit with your knees around your cheeks?

ad: well, have you ever seen doctor who? do you have doctor who here?

m: oh! you fly in a police box!

ad: yes, yes. all british people do that.

m: is that a regulation 32-j/c flying police box?

ad: i’m afraid i’m not at liberty to divulge that information.

m: i always liked tom baker as doctor who. he had a really cool scarf.

ad: yes, he did. what else do you remember about him?

m: curly hair…shifty eyes…

ad: shifty, like most of our band. we were going to have him in the art of noise if he could have played anything at all. anyway, tell me what it’s like to live in this part of the country.

m: well, we buy records, listen to them a lot, come to see the bands and then talk with them because they have nothing better to do than drink beer and talk with us.

ad: you know, nobody eats in england. three or four pints of english beer a night fills you. i can’t say i’m very impressed with the food in america. it’s all sort of bland. like turkey sandwiches.

m: well, the closest that stuff has come to to turkey is driving by a turkey farm on the way to the store. it’s all spun by monsanto chemical corporation. no nourishment, it won’t keep you going.

ad: you know, the only way i make it through the show is saying “to be in england in the summertime…” people seem to think that me saying that is the funniest thing in the world.

m: why, don’t you like england?

ad: i wouldn’t be anywhere else.

bus driver: five minutes!

ad: oh no! time to go to canada.

m: upper new york state is beautiful this time of year…

ad: you could come with us…

m: i hardly think that likely.