Chickenshit Poltroons

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This forum thread basically boils down to:

Person A: Hi, I’m a middle-aged easygoing male with a receding hairline and carefree attitude looking for women to bicycle around the country with me

Person B: Uhhh … dude? You sound horny and desperate.

Person A: Screw you you cowardly moron! You can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, but if I could find you, I would KILL YOU!

Person C: Uhhh … wow. Are you sure this is the best way to attract female cycling companions, Mister Easygoing?

Person A: DAMN YOU YOU CHICKENSHIT POLTROONS! I knew about 9/11 prior to its occurence and did nothing so that people like you would DIE! Do not trifle with me, for I am rage incarnate!

Priceless. My distillation cannot do it justice. Go read.

Thanks, Garamond.

Best. Headline. Ever.

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If you get it, ask yourself why as you laugh yourself silly.

Hysterical, and odd Y! doesn’t have at least one sick person on staff.

Mean Little Mother Goose Woman

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This play-by-play of a car accident is just too good for words. Absolutely hysterical. The page has all the intro you’ll need.

Thanks vinrock.

Dangerous Space

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I was reading an article about NASA at The Guardian and realized that NASA’s “safe haven” plan has a flaw.

So what will happen if a hole is found, a space repair proves useless and Collins and her six crewmen are marooned in space? The answer, says Nasa, is its ‘Safe Haven’ plan. The crew will bail out of Discovery, climb into the International Space Station (their mission destination) and wait – amid rapidly dwindling oxygen and water supplies – for a rescue shuttle to arrive from Earth.

Getting off the ground, through the atmosphere, into space, into orbit, into a stable orbit, and docked with the ISS is no mean feat. The difficulties of an ISS mission do not start when you undock.

If the emergency plan at 50 miles per second is, “Navigate to safety,” count me out.

And can’t we send robots until we have a better means of propulsion? As our technology stands we can’t get out of the solar system. What are we going to do on Mars? Terraform? Let the machines go to space at a fraction of the price and let’s focus on Spaceship Earth and better space travel tech.