Chickenshit Poltroons

6:33 pm analog

This forum thread basically boils down to:

Person A: Hi, I’m a middle-aged easygoing male with a receding hairline and carefree attitude looking for women to bicycle around the country with me

Person B: Uhhh … dude? You sound horny and desperate.

Person A: Screw you you cowardly moron! You can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, but if I could find you, I would KILL YOU!

Person C: Uhhh … wow. Are you sure this is the best way to attract female cycling companions, Mister Easygoing?

Person A: DAMN YOU YOU CHICKENSHIT POLTROONS! I knew about 9/11 prior to its occurence and did nothing so that people like you would DIE! Do not trifle with me, for I am rage incarnate!

Priceless. My distillation cannot do it justice. Go read.

Thanks, Garamond.

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