8 thoughts on “Coining A Phrase”

  1. Whenever someone uses that, it should end with “my 2 ¢ worth” 🙂

  2. mark itself explains it on its blog:

    “In working with manufacturers, the OEM team creates custom install images which are specific to hardware from those OEM’s. They have the free software packages I’ve described, and they may also include third-party software selected by OEM’s which Canonical cannot redistribute, so we can’t publish the custom installers that are produced under contract.”


    feel free to flame, but pls give all the POVs.

  3. Whoo! I wondered how long it would take for people to read a for/against sentiment into my post. “Not long enough,” would seem to be the answer.

    Oh, and Aearenda, that Hotmail e-mail address you provided is almost as cute as Mark Fink’s GMail address.

    Please return to your glass houses. We’re trying to get work done around here.

  4. This boycottnovel blog is really sensacionalist, posting irc logs with people talking about canonical to acuse Ubuntu of trading with the devil or something.

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