Drabble contest: Uninvited Guests

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Oooo! Keybuk meme! I’m in!

The incessant sound of the proximity klaxon had summoned Qul’gkess from the dreamless sleep of the Second Molting. Unprepared for the relative cool of the embryonic chamber, she struggled to extend her sensory tentacles toward the communication pool. There was no doubt, there was life outside the chamber. And movement. During the Molting this was forbidden among the Spawn, and yet now, as the young were about to erupt from her ovipositor, something moved outside. She swirled the viscous horror of the comm-pool, allowing a distant voice to enter her mind.

“We’d like to share the good news about Jesus.”

Crew Reassignment

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HMS (His Mark Shuttleworth’s-ness) Ubuntu

Ship’s Log: February 2009

At six bells on the evening on February 6, HMS Ubuntu encountered the Monty, a vessel of Finnish registry transporting forked code to Open Source markets.

Per standing orders of Admiral Shuttleworth, the craft was hailed to determine her intentions. Monty‘s captain, an affable Finn named Widenius, satisfied the deck watch through semaphore that she was a craft in the Free Software armada, and was brought alongside.

Captain Widenius expressed interest in Ubuntu’s detachment of Marines, as their performance in both the user and paid support customer theaters is well known; having served with distinction through the recent Dell Campaigns. Widenius asked that Lieutenant von Finck be released from service aboard the Ubuntu to provide ground command services to the Monty, its crew of developers, and its users in port.

Admiral Shuttleworth having been consulted, the Lieutenant was re-assigned, and will begin organizing campaigns once the Monty and her code reaches safe harbor.

Lieutenant von Finck is hereby released from active duty aboard HMS Ubuntu and commended by his superiors to the service of the Monty.

Admiral Shuttleworth has expressed interest in completing the crew exchange expeditiously, as he plans to continue the hunt for the white whale.



So … yeah. I’m leaving Canonical and joining my friend Monty organizing the developer and user communities around the new Maria storage engine. My last day will be February 27.

I’m still in Free Software. I still use Ubuntu. I’m still an Ubuntu member, and plan to keep doing what small part I can to help. I’m not really going too far. Sorry ’bout that. ;)