Drabble contest: Uninvited Guests

Oooo! Keybuk meme! I’m in!

The incessant sound of the proximity klaxon had summoned Qul’gkess from the dreamless sleep of the Second Molting. Unprepared for the relative cool of the embryonic chamber, she struggled to extend her sensory tentacles toward the communication pool. There was no doubt, there was life outside the chamber. And movement. During the Molting this was forbidden among the Spawn, and yet now, as the young were about to erupt from her ovipositor, something moved outside. She swirled the viscous horror of the comm-pool, allowing a distant voice to enter her mind.

“We’d like to share the good news about Jesus.”

2 thoughts on “Drabble contest: Uninvited Guests”

  1. You win, if only for having used the word “ovipositor” in context.

    Plus, the drabble actually match with your blog avatar. Very clever.

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