The Light At The End Of The Tunnel May Not Be An Oncoming Train

Today we at Monty Program Ab and our dear friends at Percona announced the Open Database Alliance. Click the name for the full press release.

If you are a MySQL hacker, user, documentation writer, or just an interested bystander, we’re ensuring the database software you have come to know and love, and with which you (quite rightly) feel a sense of shared ownership, stays Free and open. Not only are we going to keep the same development and participation model with which you are familiar, but we are going to open the project even wider. Got patches? We want them! Got questions, comments, or other issues? We want to hear them, and we will respond in meaningful ways! Got production deployments of MySQL? We will keep you up and running without labyrinthine licensing and high expense! We’re lowering the bar for participation and raising the bar for what a Free and open database can do.

And the point of the Alliance is that we’re not doing it alone. The MySQL ecosystem has a large number of stakeholders, and we want them all to consider the value in being part of a community of like-minded individuals and organizations. The Alliance is here to ensure that your transition to MariaDB is painless, and offers you a more robust and healthy world of code.

We’re just getting started with the Open Database Alliance. If you have built a business or beloved hobby on MySQL, I encourage you to contact us and join the Alliance. We’re here for you if you’re here with us.

Think positively. With the Oracle acquisition of Sun, doors may close. But we have just removed a wall from the side of the house. In Free and open source software, doors are for chumps. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel May Not Be An Oncoming Train”

  1. Interesting! Let’s build a new, safe and fun house. I’ll be poking people at $work to see what we’ll be doing.

  2. In Free and open source software, doors are for chumps

    Like the old joke goes – in a world without wall and fences, who needs windows and gates? 🙂

    Seriously, this is good news. MySQL has for a long time been a major part of the open-source environment, and it’s good to know that that will continue despite recent events.

  3. Doors … but what about windows? ^.^

    Many thanks for the great news! It’s good to know that the MySQL project is not going to die out. Especially since I’m about to deploy a MySQL database on my website! Good luck!

  4. Dennis,

    We will always welcome the Dutch. Even if some of them are insane (yes, you). You’re our kind of crazy! *muah*

  5. James,

    We are currently discussing whether or not to require MiG-29 ownership for Alliance members. Stay tuned …

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