Rename Maria Contest – Phase 3 – Take The Survey!

Just over a month ago Monty Program announced a contest to rename the Maria storage engine. We had a LOT of submissions, probably due in part to the fact the winner of the contest gets a shiny new Meerkat net-top computer from System76.

Phase 1 was getting the community to give us submissions. During Phase 2, the submissions were collected and voted upon by the Monty Program employees. This reduced the hundreds of submissions to a manageable fifteen choices. Phase 3 is now upon us, where we ask the community to go and choose their favorite ideas from the fifteen semi-finalists. The top five results will then be submitted to Monty for a final vote during the fourth and final phase.

You can click here to take survey. The survey will be closed at 23:59 UTC this coming Friday, July 9. We plan to announce the winner on the first day of O’Reilly’s OSCon event on July 19.

So, what are you waiting for? Go vote for a new name!

5 thoughts on “Rename Maria Contest – Phase 3 – Take The Survey!”

  1. All of the choices were suggested by community members. Looking through the entries, I don’t see that you actually suggested any. So …

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