Rename Maria Contest Winner!

After two months of submissions, Monty Program employee review, community voting and Monty’s final decision, we are happy to announce that the Maria storage engine will henceforth be known as …


Congratulations to Chris Tooley who suggested the name. Chris said about Aria in his submission, “Maria without the ‘M’, plus aria is a pleasant musical term.” Chris is now the proud new owner of a System 76 Meerkat net-top computer. Thanks to our good friends at System76 for providing this nifty prize.

Hopefully, in time, “Aria” will also be a pleasing database engine term. And now we will not have the confusion between MariaDB and Maria.

10 thoughts on “Rename Maria Contest Winner!”

  1. Good name, but hopefully you won’t have confusion with the web accessibility standard ARIA as well… 🙂

  2. That’s stupid. You will have confusion with Accessible Rich Internet Applications. Y’all couldn’t come up with anything better than that??? Give me a break! I stick with mysql or drizzle.

  3. I expected much worse! It turned out that Maria got a really beautiful name, something the engine really deserves. Good news! I really like the name! Well-done, Chris!

  4. “Sweet, when’s the contest to rename GIMP?”

    Lets call it IMP from now on, the problem is we have to rename GTK to ITK (Gimp toolkit, to Imp toolkit)

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