MariaDB 5.1.53 And 5.2.4 Released

This past Monday updates in both the 5.1 and 5.2 series of MariaDB were released. It’s a pretty big deal, as some issues have been solved that affect a large number of users. You should read the release notes for MariaDB 5.1.53 and for MariaDB 5.2.4 as well as the release announcement. The annoucement contains download links from worldwide mirrors.

Speaking of downloads, the 5.2 series has seen a remarkable increase in download totals. Several orders of magnitude, in fact. That’s usually a pretty good sign, so I’ll take it as such. It hopefully means more people are using MariaDB, and when talking about such matters with colleague Colin, he decided to get nosy with users. Satisfy Colin’s morbid curiosity, would you? Alright, mine too.

If you want to write an epic poem about your everlasting love for MariaDB, enduring hatred of it, or anything in between, you could sing it to Colin next week if you’re going to Be sure to find Colin if you’re a MariaDB, MySQL, or general DB wonk.

Enjoy the new releases!

5 thoughts on “MariaDB 5.1.53 And 5.2.4 Released”

  1. Baron,

    We’re very well into the double-digit thousands of downloads at this point, which we find extremely gratifying. Especially considering our first stable release was 8 months ago.

    Monty Program and community work has really made MariaDB interesting to a lot of people. That having been said, much of our success is, of course, because of a great upstream project.

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