Nat is Crazy

Nat, that is crazy.
You are not exactly 25 years old anymore.

Ok, I have done worse, i.e., I have done 200 miles a couple of times.
That takes about 12 hours, all breaks included. Some things you ought
to know in advance:

  • Your route looks somewhat dangerous, traffic-wise. Wear something
    with screaming colours.
  • Your behind will be as sore as your jaw was recently.
  • Your ability to control various muscles you did not even know you
    had will be temporarily affected. Do not drive a car yourself for a day.
  • If you get wet, say around Quincy, the trip is not going to be
    any fun. You will end up with a mixture of water and road dirt thrown from your own wheels all over yourself. It will make an unpleasant sound on your teeth. (Been there, done that.)