Federico is bringing up the file chooser’s lack of speed again. Good.

The first step, IMHO, should be to get rid of reloading the folder
of widget mapping. It is wrong to do non-widget, expensive and externally-visible actions in a widget mapping handler. If someone
switches to another virtual screen and back (for example to peek at something),
do we really want to reload the folder? Do we lose the selections
in the process? If The Gimp wants that behaviour, I say it can
install a handler and trigger it itself.

Would things appear to be faster if we installed a single-shot
idle-handler that created a file chooser and threw it away?
(That would be a work-around more than a fix, of course.)

There is more to your item 7 than just performance, btw. It should
not stat() all those parent directories because it may not be allowed
to do so. If you just succeeded in stat(“/foo/bar/baz”) then
it should not be necessary to check that “/foo” and “/foo/bar” are