Bug piles

says that we should look at GStreamer and learn from
them how to make bugfree software. I think that’s a great idea! The
most obvious step to me that they took was to hire someone to work on
. We should do the same. We can pool all our spare change
and… Let’s see, I can contribute around -50 dollars a month (that’s
a minus sign, not a dash). I know, it’s not much, especially
considering all our efforts to cut costs (bake our own bread, stop
eating out completely, etc. etc.), but with rising health care costs
and rising rent and a low stipend (not to mention that funding will
run out before long), it’s what I have. Think that’ll be enough? Of
course, I don’t know if Rob and Havoc can go in on this, but I can
guarantee -50 dollars a month. Anyone want to send in a resume? ;-)