Lost the battle, but not the war

Those of you following Planet Gnome will note that Christian threw
down a challenge
a little while ago between GStreamer, Metacity,
and Epiphany in regards to lowering bug counts. They (GStreamer)
quickly caught up to us (Metacity), then temporarily fell just barely
behind, and then soon pulled out into a strong lead. It was clear
that we had met defeat at their hands and lost the battle…but the
war continues. According to the current Weekly Bug
, we have pulled back ahead of GStreamer by one bug. Now,
some of you might think that I would show more class and wait (like
Christian) until we had a significant lead before declaring any kind
of victory. But you’d be wrong. Neener, neener, hah, hah, GStreamer
is a pile of bugs! (Besides, considering how Gstreamer developers are
prone to quickly close and fix bugs, I might not get my chance if I
didn’t take it right now :-)

/me eagerly awaits the fury of gstreamer bug closing that this taunt
will unleash… ;-)