Bugzilla tidbits

So far this month, there have been more than 1000 more bugs closed
than what have been reported (3859 versus 2822). It’s usually pretty
rare for us to even keep up, let alone do a massive cleaning like
this. So, if you closed any bugs this month, give yourself a pat on
the back. This was a joint effort by lots and lots of people.

Looking closer into the large number of bugs closed, there are 10
people who are on track to close over a thousand bugs by the end of
the year if they can keep up their current rate. (In particular,
Sebastien has well over 500 already! Go Sebastien!) For comparison
purposes, there were only 12 people who were able to close over a
thousand bugs when
2003 and 2004 bugstats
were combined. Granted, it’s very unlikely
this crazy pace will continue, but it’s still awesome to look back on
the month.

And the icing on the cake is that Metacity is no longer on the weekly

bug summary
. It’s just not buggy enough anymore, I guess. ;-)