Valgrinding Gnome

A few months back, Daniel ran a
full gnome session under Valgrind
. He did so with a Fedora 3
system but without debuginfo packages installed. So, I used his
on my cvs build. I found out that it was a royal
pain to sort through all the log files that valgrind generates when
you’re done. So, I didn’t do it again for a long time.

I finally got off my lazy duff and wrote a script to
assist in valgrinding Gnome
. This script makes it easy to set
things up so my next sessions would run under valgrind, parse all the
generated logs to chuck out the bad ones and generate
a pretty statistics report
, and clean things up and sets things back
to running without valgrind for subsequent logins.

I know, I know. I should have been working on the focus bugs (sorry
for my slowliness Christian in looking at your Epiphany patch–I’ll
get on it soon) or updating the modules that use gnome-desktop to
launch apps but…I’m a volunteer and I do whatever I want. :-)
Anyway, take a look at the
and the linked-to logs (with line-numbers!) and see if
you can fix anything. You’d be my hero if you could fix the
uninitialized warnings for Metacity, especially the ones that include
the meta_frames_ensure_layout function. ;-)