Kjartan and Matthias are today’s heroes

A few days ago, Kjartan roped me into trying to look at the massive
problems we were having with themes. It turns out that by changing
your themes around in gnome-theme-manager, you could cause random apps
to crash. We got libwnck, gnome-terminal, metacity, gnome-session,
and a whole host of other apps to die that way. It seemed to
especially like killing gnome-session for me, killing everything I was
working on and making me relogin–almost every time I tried looking
into the bug. Anyway, Kjartan and Matthias found the issue
and fixed
. Wahoo! You guys rock!

Time to move on to the other

Update: If you’re a theme engine developer, Kjartan’s ChangeLog
entry is worth reading:

* engines/smooth/src/engine/smooth_gtk2_engine.c:
(smooth_rc_style_parse): Use g_quark_from_string() instead
of g_quark_from_static_string() since the latter will cause
problems when used in modules that are dynamically loaded
and unloaded. This should solve a ton of crashes related
to changing themes. Closes bug #165942, bug #166018,
bug #160803, and is also related to other theme related
crashes all the way back to 1.4.x. Theme engine authors
should be made aware of this so we can get external theme
engines fixed.