Partially missing in action…

Anyone know how to put more hours in the day?

Sorry to everyone that’s had to pick up some slack from me or got responses much slower (or not at all in some cases) over the past few weeks. I know this was a really bad time for me to not be very available, but it wasn’t really avoidable. It hasn’t been quite as bad as I expected, though, and I’ve at least been able to respond randomly and intermittently to some things. Hopefully I should be able to continue to help with some of the release stuff until things start clearing up in another week or so and I can start attacking a long backlog for other stuff…

On a similar note[1], I was supposed to go through my CV a long time ago and make a resume-ified version for free software positions since I want to keep that on the table. Anyone have some good tips on handling that? Maybe I should ping Luis; I remember him posting a similar dilemma a while ago… *sigh* I’ve really sucked at this whole job search thing. I’ve made a couple early contacts but should have done more and started actual applications. But trying to do that and finish my dissertation at the same time my wife is doing her student teaching has been nightmarish and just hasn’t left enough time; it has pushed things so that I decided to shoot for graduation in the Fall instead to give me a little more time. But, such is life I guess. And being too busy is always better than the alternative.

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  1. Wow, what a CV ! , now I know why you haven’t enough hours :), I hope you get good job, you deserve it !

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