Proposed passing of the baton

I’ve had a couple goals I wanted to help push during my time on the release team (r-t) to improve how things work: document the r-t processes better for other new members, make r-t processes more fail-safe, and make a few things work more smoothly (make it easier to build a development version of GNOME, make it easier to do GNOME releases, etc.). With the help of the team and the development community at large, I feel like most of these have been achieved. It took longer than expected and there’s always room for further improvement[1], but I’m very happy with the progress so far.

Anyway, I think it’s definitely time for a change; I’ve been in my role for a couple years now (about a year longer than I initially thought I would be). As I mentioned on d-d-l, I’ve proposed to have Vincent take the reins as the release team manager. Some of you may have thought he already was given how active he always is; it’s really hard to keep up with him. I’ll still stick around on the team and help out for now, but it’s time to switch roles and I think vuntz will do a wonderful job taking over the reins.

[1] I particularly like and agree with Owen’s suggestion to create standard jhbuild configurations.

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  1. i always wondered where you took all the time you had, “besides” your family and the university stuff/work. thanks so much for all the years!

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