The foundation board of directors

Andrew posted some particularly insightful comments recently, explaning a lot about the dynamics of communities with respect to the elected directors in their communities. Over the years, I have seen some of the various pieces of behavior he describes in the GNOME community, but didn’t have the experience he does to be able to piece it together so lucidly.

One particular point I’ve seen is that the GNOME board of directors seems to get down on themselves often for not accomplishing as much as what they wanted. That’s unfortunate. Sure, things could always be better (I’ve often gotten down on myself for not being able to code all the ideas I’ve had as quickly as I wanted too). But I think they’re doing an awesome job.

I’m also looking forward to the elections this year. It looks like we have a field of awesome candidates. I almost think that I don’t need to bother voting, because I’d be ecstatic with any 7 of the 10 that are running.