SSH keys and bzr-playground

Since last week the bzr-playground machine has been setup as a syncrepl consumer. This means that all SSH key changes (plus new accounts) will automatically be able to use bzr-playground. Note: I mean to host private branches, of course people SSH is optional if people either commit to or just attach the result to a bugreport.

Bzr-playground is usable for anyone with SSH keys set in their GNOME ldap account; it is not restricted to just people with SVN access. Also, the LDAP replication is minimal, the bzr-playground server knows little more than usernames + public SSH keys.

World Port Days Rotterdam

This year I’ll help out at the World Port Days in Rotterdam. It is an event where the various things related to the port are shown. They’re expecting around 350.000 visitors. I’ll help at the Maersk stand on Sunday afternoon (2 pm onwards). The stand is located next to the Dutch Navy at the Parkkade (right hand side). It should be easy to locate as there will be a ship from Norfolkline alongside which people can visit (stand is about 60m wide).

Stuff at the stand:

  • Info about how Maersk brings seawater from the Pacific Ocean to Rotterdam for the Oceanium. Apart from a cinema there will be a few people from Blijdorp to answer questions. The Oceanium is really nice (I went to a ‘behind the scenes’ tour at the Oceanium a while back).
  • A working reefer container (not sure which temperature it will be set at)
  • Solar boat from TU Delft (Maersk sponsors this). Apart from the boat there will be a flat screen with more info, etc.
  • Other stuff like a free ringtone (Bluetooth), APM Terminals stand next door, picture board, etc (there are just too many things to list).