BHV’er / appointed safety person

Not sure of the best way to translate BHV’er, but I volunteered to be one where I work. This means I’ll be responsible to perform First Aid, tackle small fires (only when just starting) and alarm/ evacuate people during emergencies (ensure everyone actually leaves their desks, plus taking special care of people who need extra help, e.g. people with leg injury, etc). Depending on the size of the organization and some other criteria, every company within the Netherlands is required to have a predetermined number of BHV’ers. Seems this is even an European requirement (law).

I’m not sure yet what the various tasks are. I was mostly interested in the First Aid training; the person who asked for volunteers knew less about the tasks than I did. Currently I know I have to follow a 5 day first aid training. I know there are regular exercises where BHV’ers test evacuation plans. Plus help out during the yearly ‘walk down the stairs at an annoyingly slow pace’ (evacuation exercise involving the whole building and also fire brigade). This is what I’ll know I’ll be responsible for, for the rest I’ll have to get an explanation from our Health and Safety officer.

As volunteer I’ll get nice benefits such as First Aid training and the ability to walk around in a bright orange jacket.