Sponsored by GNOME FoundationOn May 7-9 2015 I’ll attend GNOME asia. It will be held in Depok, West Java, Indonesia (30km below Jakarta). I’m going there because:

  1. I’d like to understand the difference between GUADEC attendees vs attendees (their interests, why they go there)
  2. I want to represent GNOME Release Team (answer any questions)
  3. I’d like to host a bugsquad session together with Andre Klapper

It will be the first time ever to attend a non-European conference, so I’m quite curious how it’ll be like. I’ve requested partial sponsorship from the GNOME Foundation, which was approved even if I missed some kind of deadline. I guess it helps that I only ask for partial 😛

I’ve already bought tickets and I’ll travel for the first time with Emirates. I can checkin 30kg of luggage and carry 7kg. The 30kg is twice what I’ve ever brought on a plane. I dislike having a heavy suitcase and I’m usually amazed that some people are at the airport with massive amount of suitcases. Especially considering that having just one big and good suitcase is not cheap. Bringing loads of stuff with you to me seems like a huge burden (buying suitcases and the impact it has when you travel). If you go to a warm country, you can do without a lot of clothing. I’m still wondering if there really is something heavy I should bring 😛