Libgnome usage in gnome-games II

Libgnome usage in gnome-games

I said I’d do a status report on this so without further ado:

Calls to libgnome from gnome-games
Libgnome calls from gnome-games before and now

We are not there yet but we are definitely making progress.

Much credit should be given to Christian Persch. Not only did he commit changes to make aisleriot libgnome-free moments after my last blog entry but he has also been very helpful answering a ton of questions from me. Thanks Christian!


I did not know this conference existed until I read about it on p.g.o. It is within a reasonable distance from where I live so I think I might go there saturday and sunday. I don’t know anyone else going so I will be there on my own. If you are there then do come talk (or have a beer if that’s going to be happening in the evening). I should be easy to recognize by a scar by my right eye.


I did a rather pathetic attempt to make a hackergotchi. My gimp skills are pretty basic and I could not get the drop shadow thing work. If anyone wants to help me fix that I’ll be grateful. The picture I used is not very good but it’s the best I got currently. I just got back from vacation in Doha, Qatar but this is a picture from the first day and I’m still rather pale. It’s also taken from above and combined with my receding hairline it creates the fun illusion that my forehead is almost as tall as the rest of my face. In reality that is not quite the case 🙂

It’s not the right size, I know. I thought that if anyone wanted to add drop shadow it might be easier while it’s still big. Hopefully Jeff will bear with me and resize it for me.

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