Hopefully for the benefit of anyone else trying to make GNUS work with
emacs-snapshot, the useful and obscure (and strangely absent from
google) error message "Invalid size: gnus-carpals" means that your emacs
is too new for your GNUs.

I’ve switched to using GNUS to read my mail now, as I am not a big fan
of the GMAIL web interface, or thunderbird/evolution (though Thunderbird
3 seems promising!), this should be an…interesting experiment to say
the least, hopefully I do a better job of keeping up on my mail now.

I’ve also started organizing a TODO list of sorts with org-mode
(http://orgmode.org/index.html). any Emacs users who like me have
significant difficulty organizing their lives, might want to look in to
this, it seems really nice so far. I’m also hoping to use it for taking
notes during classes, and the embedded LaTeX + Tagging should be nice there.

3 Responses to “Obscure GNUs Error Messages, Emacs fun.”

  1. timwizard Says:

    Whats the different between racarr and rms?

    rms doesn’t want to be racarr

  2. Rodney Says:

    Could you point out some references for using GNUS for mail reading? Sounds interesting.

  3. Mike Says:

    You may want to try Emacs VM for email. I’ve found it much, much easier to set up than Gnus. However, it’s not a newsreader, so it may be out of the question if you need that in the mail client.

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