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May 21, 2009

I was playing with Algorithm Ink

and I accidentally made what I have decided should be the Seed logo.

It looks sort of like a seed, and is a metaphor for um…It looks sort of like a seed, and looks cool.

In other news, headed back to Troy today, and then Barcelona on Saturday for UDS. Need to find places to explore in Barcelona on Sunday.

5 Responses to “Seed Logo”

  1. Canol Says:

    It is too complicated for a logo, doesn’t look beautiful and using a drawing tool like that is a very cheap way to find a logo :) It also looks more like a Turkish “sarık” than a seed ( or

  2. Tim Horton Says:

    Luckily for us, libraries don’t need logos, so we can keep our complete-crack logo in relative privacy!

    See you at UDS!

  3. Mats Taraldsvik Says:

    Ah. It looks very detailed to become an icon, though / doesn’t scale that well. And a logo should communicate what the product does, I believe. I appreciate how hard that is, though. :)

    Nevertheless, I think a seed with “complex” stuff inside is a good metaphor for what seed does – a ‘shell’ around the libraries/code, making them easier to interact with and use…

    Or, a shell with a(nother) tiny circle(seed) in it – that doubles as the (gobject-)introspection bit/eye…

    I don’t know… Just my thoughts.. :)

  4. I think you got it the wrong way Mats. This is a logo and not an icon. It is icons that should communicate clearly what the product does, not the logo. The logo may do so if it wants to, but I would say you’re a lot more free when designing a logo than you are when designing an icon.

    And the issue with it not scaling down very well I think is up to the project to decide, and as Tim pointed out, it’s a logo for a library and not really something that is needed per se, so I doubt it will have to be printed in small size on e.g. letter heads et.c. ;)

    I think it looks cool!

  5. proppy Says:

    Nice !

    Would you share the Context Free code used to draw it ?

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