Hello everyone! I know I haven’t been much around lately 🙁 life as a student is kind of dominating me. I am working on a Clutter based slide show application now (for the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software http://rcos.cs.rpi.edu/ :D, thanks Sean O’Sullivan and Professor Moorthy) and I’m pretty committed to making a release in about two weeks. I’m pretty excited about this, but that’s not what this post is about.

I wanted to take an opportunity to show some awesome stuff people have been doing, and thank them for it, because I’ve been bad about replying to emails. A lot of people have been doing some cool stuff with Seed lately, so in no particular order…some cool stuff.

Alan Knowles has created a Seed documentation site (http://devel.akbkhome.com/seed/) generated from the code at http://git.gnome.org/browse/introspection-doc-generator/. I think this has been a clear gap missing, as C documentation can be a little intimidating for some people (despite how easy we C hackers would find it to translate). Alan spoke to me recently about maybe moving this in to gnome-js-common and I am all for it, hopefully something to that effect will happen for the next few days.

Alan also has a blog at http://alsaf1.wordpress.com/, where he’s been writing up some Seed tutorials. I’m really excited to have this sort of documentation for Seed, as it was…another gap! which neither the examples, or the few documents really fulfilled.

Alan has also been fixing a lot of bugs and just generally being awesome.

On the other Alan front, Alan Forbes has been helpful on the mailing list and has written a very introductory level tutorial at http://live.gnome.org/Seed/Tutorial.

Alexandre Mazari has written something called http://gitorious.org/seedkit, which I think is a really cool concept, and one I’ve thought about since the inception of Seed, I haven’t looked in to the implementation much yet though. Alexandre also fixed some bugs. Thanks 😀

A few other people have been fixing some bugs lately…I don’t want to name everyone for risk of missing someone, but thanks :D. I haven’t had much time to work on Seed lately, but have been excited lately to see people using it. Even though development has definitely slowed, I feel like a lot of the worst bugs have been solved, and as far as I know there are quite a few people out there trying to make applications with it (who occasionally send me emails!). I was excited to see the Seed based same-gnome rewrite on the 2.30 release notes, and I hope people are enjoying it 😀

Speaking of clutter-gnome-game-wizards. A big thanks to Tim Horton too, Seed never would have happened without Tim, and he keeps it going when I’m too holed away to pay attention to emails. Maybe an apology to Tim also.

School is going well…have to finish a radiosity solver today :(. Summer is approaching fast! If anymore interesting summer jobs than staying in Troy and hacking from home…

3 Responses to “Hell.o blog world, long time no see…”

  1. Hi Robert,

    Sorry for the late answer, last week was kinda hectic.
    Thanks for the thumb up and the encouraging words. Hopefully, this will help bringing some interest and contribution for SeedKit 🙂
    Since your post, SeedKit evolved a bit : a library was split from the view, allowing others to embed a SeedView (a Seed-augmented WebView) within their projects.

    Anyway, thanks for trying it out, and do no hesitate to give some feedback/code/reports.

    Happy Coding.

  2. Donna Carr Says:

    Robb, cool blog. Don’t really understand the science behind this stuff but it sounds like you have been working really hard on it and that you are very excited about it. It also sounds like you are working with a great group and your kudos to others are very kind. anyway, I hope that your project’s hopes come to fruition. Good luck!
    Love Mom

  3. BTW, I think the http://alsaf1.wordpress.com/ is written by Alan Forbes, not Alan Knowles.

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