2.4 review
at eWeek: “Version 2.4 of the GNOME Project’s namesake
desktop environment provides a smooth, well-performing graphical interface for companies
looking to expand their Linux deployments from the data center to the desktop


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Linux and Free Software in Spain

I went this morning to Pamplona, to the UNED office
(Remote Learning University)
and found out that, included with the course materials are 3 CDs, and one of them
includes LinEx, the
Linux distro developed by the Junta de Extremadura (local government in Extremadura),
which is the base CD for the electronic materials. I now remember that I heard this
some time ago, but I didn’t pay enough attention, but today, seeing it with my
own eyes was a nice surprise. I haven’t seen yet the other 2 CDs, but I suppose
all will be based on LinEx.

It seems Spain is starting to be a nice country to live in for Free Software
people. Of course, it already was, but that’s just another nice reason to live
in Spain :-)