Audio Library

Thanks to à lvaro, I’m
now downloading audio files for the old Gomaespuma
radio programs
. I am sorry for those who don’t understand Spanish, because
some of those programs are just hilarous (or at least that’s how I remember them).

With this and all the audio files I am getting from
La Zona Cero and
Pasajes de la Historia,
added to the bunch of music files I’ve got, I am building a huge audio library. Now I just
need a player, so that I can listen to without having the computer. I just need one that
supports WMA and Ogg (all my music is in Ogg, except a few files).


Now that libgda and libgnomedb are both at 1.0, we need to get Mergeant also
to a state where it can be distributed with GNOME Office. The worst thing
in Mergeant is the UI, so we
starting to work on it
. I’ve already added the initial code for the new UI
to CVS. I’ll post screenshots here as soon as there’s something to show.