After some very sad days, when I could not think about anything related
to Ettore that didn’t made me sader, I remembered yesterday, thanks to Yolanda,
some nice things about him, that I’d think about sharing. Firstly, his responsibility in one of
the happiest days in my life: I was working in a software company whose
name I prefer to forget and was thinking about leaving that job, but I had
no other job in perspective. And, one day I got a mail from Ettore,
asking whether I wanted to work at Ximian or not. “Of course
I want, when do I start?
“, did I answer. It was like a gift
coming from heaven, since Ximian was the place I really wanted to work at.

Then I had some laughs remembering about his stay in Madrid, after
Sevilla’s GUADEC. He and Anna were stolen in the underground, by a
professional pickpocket (professional because they didn’t even realize
the wallet was being stolen), and were also ran over by a motorbike (small,
fortunately). I was really upset of hearing them telling
me that, since Madrid is my city, and I felt a bit bad about them being
robbed and ran over there, but Ettore just started laughing and making fun of the
situation. We then went, accompanied
by Duncan and a couple of other Spanish people, to the old part of Madrid,
in the center of the city, where there are, literally, thousands of
“tapas” bars. We did a gastronomic tour, from bar to bar,
eating, drinking and having a lot of fun. No-one remembered anything
about the stolen wallet :-)

So I guess that’s how I’ll prefer to think about Ettore from now on, even
if it’s so difficult to realize he’s really gone.


Accessibility in KDE

I just read in Slashdot
that “KDE gained accessibility support through the ATK interface from
Sun with Qt – so KDE 3.2 will be ‘accessibility ready’ for the end user once coming
out in January
“. Very nice news, for KDE, for gaining that
accessibility support, and for GNOME, for having its technologies being used
in other places. Also, I guess this will shut up all those people that didn’t
want to use GLib in FreeDesktop.org‘s
projects, since now I guess all KDE applications will be using, indirectly, GLib.

Miguel pointed out
the announcement is somewhat misleading, since the only support that has been added
is the use of ATK in the QT toolkit. That is, they are like GNOME was at
2.0 times, that is, still missing support in *all* applications, as well as
KDE-specific applications like Gnopernicus, GOK, etc.



I took this photo last week, but haven’t felt good enough to even get it out
of the camera:

It shows a windmill broken by the wind. It clearly demonstrates, apart from that
I leave in a windy place, that I need a zoom for my camera.


Novell has just announced
version 1.0 of Nterprise Linux Services
. This “provides
integrated file, print, messaging, directory and management services on Linux,
wrapped in support, training and consulting services



We had not even recovered yet at Ximian about Chema’s death, and now Ettore :-(
I personally have worked with him for almost 3 years, and it’s been
a pleasure to do so always. I met him in person several times, and it was
always fun to be with him. It has been also great to share with him and the
rest of the Evolution developers these 3 years of hacking one of the best
Free Software pieces, all of it perfectly managed by our dear Ettore.

We’ll miss you a lot Ettore.



I’m not having too much time lately to hack on anything, apart from
Evolution, of course, but I’ve been getting many patches and applying
them to CVS. Many of them for gnome-network (thanks Emil and Carlos!),
to fix some issues in the gnome-remote-shell tool,
and some for gnome-db. For the latter, the most interesting ones
were about fixing some problems in the libgda header files that
were making pyGTK‘s
h2def.py script complain. This means that, at last,
somebody is working on Python bindings. This, with the
Platform Bindings release set
will be a great help in gnome-db
libraries adoption, since, for 2.6, we’ll have Ruby, C# and, hopefully, Python
and C++ bindings for, at least libgda.