Accessibility in KDE

I just read in Slashdot
that “KDE gained accessibility support through the ATK interface from
Sun with Qt – so KDE 3.2 will be ‘accessibility ready’ for the end user once coming
out in January
“. Very nice news, for KDE, for gaining that
accessibility support, and for GNOME, for having its technologies being used
in other places. Also, I guess this will shut up all those people that didn’t
want to use GLib in FreeDesktop.org‘s
projects, since now I guess all KDE applications will be using, indirectly, GLib.

Miguel pointed out
the announcement is somewhat misleading, since the only support that has been added
is the use of ATK in the QT toolkit. That is, they are like GNOME was at
2.0 times, that is, still missing support in *all* applications, as well as
KDE-specific applications like Gnopernicus, GOK, etc.