After some very sad days, when I could not think about anything related
to Ettore that didn’t made me sader, I remembered yesterday, thanks to Yolanda,
some nice things about him, that I’d think about sharing. Firstly, his responsibility in one of
the happiest days in my life: I was working in a software company whose
name I prefer to forget and was thinking about leaving that job, but I had
no other job in perspective. And, one day I got a mail from Ettore,
asking whether I wanted to work at Ximian or not. “Of course
I want, when do I start?
“, did I answer. It was like a gift
coming from heaven, since Ximian was the place I really wanted to work at.

Then I had some laughs remembering about his stay in Madrid, after
Sevilla’s GUADEC. He and Anna were stolen in the underground, by a
professional pickpocket (professional because they didn’t even realize
the wallet was being stolen), and were also ran over by a motorbike (small,
fortunately). I was really upset of hearing them telling
me that, since Madrid is my city, and I felt a bit bad about them being
robbed and ran over there, but Ettore just started laughing and making fun of the
situation. We then went, accompanied
by Duncan and a couple of other Spanish people, to the old part of Madrid,
in the center of the city, where there are, literally, thousands of
“tapas” bars. We did a gastronomic tour, from bar to bar,
eating, drinking and having a lot of fun. No-one remembered anything
about the stolen wallet :-)

So I guess that’s how I’ll prefer to think about Ettore from now on, even
if it’s so difficult to realize he’s really gone.