Huge patch
from Laurent to HIGify the gnome-database-properties tool, part
of libgnomedb.

Planet GNOME

Woohoo, Carlos now has
a blog! Go Carlos Go!


Back from a very good week of vacation, in
for 4 days, visiting my sister and my two nieces, and 3 days in
visiting my mother and some friends, without switching the computer on a single
time. So, it’s been quite relaxing and funny, specially the days I spent with my two nieces,
Erika, 5 years old, and Jessica, 3:

They are so sweet and love me so much that they didn’t let me leave them to
make a short visit to Michael.
It would have been really nice to meet Michael’s wife and daughter, but my nieces didn’t
want their Tío Rodri to leave them :-) It was, as always, really
sad when we left my sister’s and them, since we are not going to see them again for,
at least, a couple of months :-( I wish they lived in Spain.