“A traveling robotic geologist from NASA has landed on Mars and returned
of the area around its landing site in Gusev Crater”

No ski

I woke up this morning at 7AM to go skiing, but there were so many people
(with traffic jams in the road to Panticosa/Formigal) that we had to turn
round. It seems it’s not a good idea to go there during the Christmas
holidays. We could at least take some pictures of the surrounding mountains
and lakes:

But we took advantage of the early get up to visit Isaba, in the north of
It was plenty of snow, as can be seen in the road to the Belagua Peak:

Too much snow, that prevented the road to be opened, which would have allowed us
to go to La Pierre
Saint Martin
, in France, for skiing a little bit. But we still had a lot
of fun with the snow: