New GNOME user

My brother Jorge had recently his laptop, running WinXP, not booting
anymore. It just froze on the WinXP startup screen. I had a look, booted
from a Debian CD, and everything seemed ok, so he brought the laptop
back to the shop, where he was told that the computer had 70 virii!!!
I don’t know if that’s really true, but the fact that he had unwanted
stuff installed, and that the guy in the shop fixed it, is true.

So, as he’s seen, and used, several times my Linux laptop, he decided
he wants to put that on his laptop. He’ll be coming home one of these
days for me to install it for him, and, of course, he’ll be running



“A traveling robotic geologist from NASA has landed on Mars and returned
of the area around its landing site in Gusev Crater”

No ski

I woke up this morning at 7AM to go skiing, but there were so many people
(with traffic jams in the road to Panticosa/Formigal) that we had to turn
round. It seems it’s not a good idea to go there during the Christmas
holidays. We could at least take some pictures of the surrounding mountains
and lakes:

But we took advantage of the early get up to visit Isaba, in the north of
It was plenty of snow, as can be seen in the road to the Belagua Peak:

Too much snow, that prevented the road to be opened, which would have allowed us
to go to La Pierre
Saint Martin
, in France, for skiing a little bit. But we still had a lot
of fun with the snow:



Huge patch
from Laurent to HIGify the gnome-database-properties tool, part
of libgnomedb.

Planet GNOME

Woohoo, Carlos now has
a blog! Go Carlos Go!


Back from a very good week of vacation, in
for 4 days, visiting my sister and my two nieces, and 3 days in
visiting my mother and some friends, without switching the computer on a single
time. So, it’s been quite relaxing and funny, specially the days I spent with my two nieces,
Erika, 5 years old, and Jessica, 3:

They are so sweet and love me so much that they didn’t let me leave them to
make a short visit to Michael.
It would have been really nice to meet Michael’s wife and daughter, but my nieces didn’t
want their Tío Rodri to leave them :-) It was, as always, really
sad when we left my sister’s and them, since we are not going to see them again for,
at least, a couple of months :-( I wish they lived in Spain.