Olympic Games

Watched yesterday football semifinals, where Iraq played against Paraguay. It was
a pity Iraq lost, and won’t be in the final. Let’s hope they win the bronze medal
game, since I guess that’s the only option of medal for the Iraqi team. It is
indeed nice to see countries that usually are in the news about bad things showing
up with good news.

Tomorrow, the big game: Spain against USA in basketball for the 1/4 finals. For the
first time in history, it seems Spain is the favourite, although I am not so sure
about that. USA have been playing quite bad, and losing against all the big teams
(Puerto Rico and Lithuania) finishing 4th in their group, and Spain have won all games
(included Serbia and Argentina, the 2 contenders in last World Cup final)
finishing leader in their group, but USA is indeed a team formed by very good players.
Just let’s hope they don’t do their best play tomorrow.