Olympic Games

How sad has been to see the Spanish basketball team being defeated by USA :-( Spain
had won all games till this morning, but given the bad performance of the USA team,
they had to play in 1/4 finals. A bit unfair, it should be like in hockey, where the
1st team in each group gets directly qualified to the semifinals. But well, we knew
how the system worked before, so no excuses now. But anyway, we all feel that it’s
been a big opportunity getting lost, since Spain was doing pretty well and was
one of the biggest candidates for the medals.

In the 200 meters final in athletics, the crowd started to boo the athletes while
asking for Kenteris (found avoiding a dopping control and fired out of the Greek
athletics team). It was, in my opinion, a lack of respect, first to the athletes
competing in the final, and, second, to the sport itself, since it’s so clear
Kenteris had cheated that there’s no reason to ask for him to be in the stadium.