GNOME Hackers Meeting

Thanks to Javier Ros, from the Universidad
Pública de Navarra
, in Pamplona,
we are going to celebrate, on September the 18/19th, a GNOME hackers meeting in that
university. This is the first of a series of meetings we would like to be doing, in
order to share knowledge between all the hackers here in Spain, and to try to get more
new blood into hacking our beloved desktop. Doing so we copy our friends at
GNOME Chile, who have
started doing meetings regularly (2 so far IIRC).

The meeting will be a very informal one, with no schedule at all, and with just a few
people (we expect just a few hackers, some people from the Navarra LUG, and,
hopefully, some students from the university). But even though there is no schedule,
we are now establishing a set of points to be discussed and things to be done (like
presenting our projects’ status), so I am really looking forward to have the meeting,
since I’m feeling some renovated energies can come out of it.

So far, these are the things we will be talking about:

  • Presentation of projects: people working on GNOME projects already will be presenting
    their work, so that we all know what everyone is working on.
  • New ideas: we will be taking note of all ideas people have. This is specially important,
    because it could easily attract new people into hacking on GNOME, and also, given the current
    status of GNOME, where we have almost everything, some new ideas are needed to make GNOME
    different from other desktops. I initially thought about doing this idea exchange while
    going out at night in Pamplona, but I guess very crazy ideas can come out then, so I guess
    it’s better to do it during the real meeting.
  • Easy fixes for beginners: in Evolution, we have some bugs marked as easy-fix
    for new people to start helping. We will be getting this list and try to get the new hackers
    attending the meeting starting with those tasks. But not only for Evolution, since
    Carlos will
    prepare a list for GNOME System Tools, and à lvaro will do the same
    for Planner. We might also get some easy fixes from other GNOME projects (where the
    easy-fix keyword is also used, IIRC.

    GNOME maintainers: if you want your project’s easy-fixes to be included in the list, please
    mark them as easy-fix.
  • If enough newbies come to the meeting, we might probably do some Python/Mono tutorial
    to help those people start writing GNOME applications in no time.
  • GNOME Book: as I already
    , we started writing some years ago a GNOME programming book in Spanish.
    Juanan Pereira is going to tell us about his ideas to relaunch this project. He’ll also
    have prepared a list of tasks for new people to help.

And, of course, a visit to Pamplona without going through the 100s of bars there are downtown
wouldn’t be a complete visit. So, I will be taking all people attending the meeting for some
gastronomic/ethilic tourism on Saturday night. Of course, I take no responsibility of what
happens next, I will be just guiding people, not intoxicating them, so that’s each one’s