GNOME Hackers Meeting

I’ve got a few mails from people asking about more details on the GNOME
hackers meeting in Pamplona
. They asked me about more details on the
place where the meeting is taking place, and about places to stay in Pamplona.

We don’t have all the details yet, but the meeting is taking place in the
Pública de Navarra
, which is near El Sadar, Osasuna football team
stadium. We don’t know yet in which room(s) we’re going to be, but don’t worry
since we’ll send a more formal announcement as soon as we’ve got all the details.

About places to stay, Pamplona has a lot of hotels, and now most of them have free
vacancies, so take a look here
for all kind of places in Pamplona and book yourself.

We are probably requiring people to register, so that we know how many people will show
up, but, again, we’ll include that information in the “official” announcement.

Toxic Vessel

I haven’t seen anything about it on the Spanish media (apart from the radio program
La Rosa de los Vientos), but
there’s plenty of it on Google:
a Spanish boat, called MV Ulla, “with 220 tons of toxic material, four years ago, sailed through
the Mediterranean with its load and called on the Turkish port of Iskenderun. It remained in
the port for 4.5 years, by numerous tactics and sunk yesterday in the Turkish waters, with all its
“. It seems Greenpeace complained several times about the ship being
in Iskenderun, and even sent a report stating the ship was in danger of sinking. Again, we must
thank our stupid governors all over the world, who are incompetent, this time, for letting the Mediterranean
sea die.