Brainshare in Barcelona

I am attending next week’s Brainshare
in Barcelona
, a Novell-related
event that puts together developers, companies, users of Novell technologies for a few
days of brain-sharing :) I will be giving a talk, with Gary Ekker, about collaboration in
GNOME with Groupwise. I am really looking forward to the event, since I missed last year’s
(in Barcelona also, 4 hours by car from my place). Also, it’s going to be really nice, after
15 years, to return to Barcelona
(my short stay in the

does not count as a visit), my father’s birth place, and see how much it has changed
(when I last was, in 1989, they were still building the Olympic stadium, and of course, most
of the things built for the 1992 Olympic Games were just starting). Also, seeing again some
of the Ximian/Novell monkeys is worth the travel.

User Notification System

I’ve been having a look at FreeDesktop.org‘s
notification system proposal
. Looks quite promising, which means I’m going to do some test hacking
this weekend, so I’ll post some code as I learn.