New Camera

Recovered now from the loss
of my camera
, I went today to buy a new one. In the beginning, I wanted to buy
a 5.1 megapixels or better, but talking with the guy in the shop, I realised the real problem
with my old camera (apart from the zoom and the crappy LCD screen) was the lack of enough space
for photos without having to bring my laptop everywhere for uploading them. So, finally I went for a
, with 4.0 megapixels, 6x optical zoom, audio and video, and 128 MB extra memory
card (along with the standard 16 MB one). I think this is
going to be enough for me for a good while, since I am now exactly doubly better photographer than
before (with a 2.0 megapixels, no zoom camera), and 200 ¤ richer, which is what I’ve saved
from buying this camera instead of the Sony 6.0 megapixels I initially choosed.

A good thing is that PC City (the shop where
I bought the camera) lets me 15 days to change my mind and return the camera, so I’ll be beta testing it
next week in Barcelona.