GNOME Hackers Meeting

So, tomorrow is the big
. Around 20 people will show up (if not more, since some people might still register
for the meeting), which is a great number, since it’s not too many people (which will make things
much more difficult to manage) and not too few (which will make the event almost useless).

Some people are arriving today to Pamplona, so there is a meeting at 9PM tonight, at the
Café IruÃ&plusmm;a, and then a second meeting for delayed people at 10PM, at the Café Niza. Both Cafés
are located in Plaza
del Castillo
, which is very easy to find.


Came back yesterday from Barcelona
where I’ve been attending Novell’s
Brainshare Europe
. It was quite interesting to see this kind of event, plenty of
companies, and, more interesting for me, to get to know in more detail some of the Novell
technologies that I didn’t know much about before.

Very nice to meet in person Gary Ekker, from the Groupwise team in Novell, and part of the Evolution
team also. The talk we did together (“Improving Collaboration with Groupwise, Evolution
and the Linux Desktop
“) went pretty good, I think. We showed up all the integration
work that is being done since Evolution Data Server is distributed separately from Evolution, apart
from a detailed description of the Groupwise server configuration for accessing it from Evolution and
of the usage of Evolution itself.

Of course, the event was pretty well organized, with many nice details, like the Tablet PCs in each
conference room’s entry, or the many gifts given away in the numerous stands. Something we should have
in GUADEC’s and other community-driven events :) Although I missed some more involvement from the
community. That is, since Novell is making use of many technologies from the Free Software
community, it would be pretty nice, for future Brainshare’s, to have something like the old
Expo Linux (the ones driven by Sky Events), where they gave away, for free, some space in the
stand area for having stands, as well as the opportunity to give talks.

Apart from the conference, very nice to see Barcelona around. Lots of photos with
my new
can be found here.

The only bad thing is that I was not able to see neither Miguel nor
Nat at all :(