GNOME/Evolution Data Server

With the increased usage of Evolution
Data Server
in all sort of desktop applications (see the recent nautilus-sendto project
by Roberto Majadas, or the now well known clock and contact lookup applets, apart,
of course, from GNOME Meeting
and Planner), I’ve
been thinking on the idea of extending E-D-S to be a centralized data storage for more kinds
of data. First thing that came to mind was project data, idea raised when talking with
à lvaro about
his work on Planner/Evolution integration. That would, first, allow other applications to
share project data, and, second, to better integrate mail, contacts and calendar with the
projects. That is, you could associate any mail, contact or calendar event to a given project
and thus have a way to organize all data related to the project together.

But the thing that thrills me the most right now is the addition of notes to E-D-S. This would
allow Tomboy,
the sticky notes panel applet, and any other notes application to easily share their
data. This past weekend, I had a look at the previous
we had in the Evolution team. The conclusion on the VNOTE RFC was that
The vNOTE object defined by the [IRMC] specifications was created because there was no
journal entry capability in the original Versit/IMC vCalendar v1.0 specification. However, with
adoption of the [ICAL] specification support for the vNOTE in the [IRMC] specification should be
deprecated, in favor of support for the VJOURNAL calendar component in [ICAL]
“. So,
using VJOURNAL would make things quite easy, since we already should support that in the
current E-D-S calendar code.


Good news from
, where the government have decided to move the public administration
to Free Software.