Spent all weekend with my brother Jorge,
who came to visit us with his girlfriend Rosalía. On Friday, after picking them up at the
bus station, we went to Aoiz, 25 kms far from Pamplona to
see our friend Santi playing with his band in a punk concert with several bands. Was pretty good, specially
Santi’s band (called KGI) and their song “Soy navarro, qué suerte tengo
(I’m from Navarra, how lucky I am). A pity I didn’t bring the camera to take some photos,
although I guess it was better to not bring it, just in case I
lost it

On Saturday, they slept till 2 PM, so I watched the
MotoGP races
, which were great for the Spaniards, with Jorge Lorenzo and Sete Gibernau
winning their races, and à lvaro Bautista, Dani Pedrosa and the amazing Rubén Xaus also in
the podium. Then, we went in the evening for some sightseeing here in Peralta, and then
for dinner to Olite to see Uxué, Ana and company.

On Sunday, my brother and Rosalía again slept till too late, so we did nothing but having
a pizza in Calahorra and then getting them to get the bus back to Madrid.

I missed though Oscar
Freire’s gold medal in yesterday’s Cycling world championship
. It seems it was a great
performance, not only from Freire himself, but from the whole Spanish team.