Juanan Pereira, as he promised at the GNOME
hackers meeting in Pamplona
, is now in charge of the GNOME development
we started at GNOME
. As a result of his work, version
0.0.2 is now available
, which includes lots of fixes on the Docbook formatting
and build system, as well as all the many additions we have added since version 0.0.1
was released (eons ago, don’t even remember).

This is a huge step for the book, since it mainly means it’s no longer abandoned,
and that with a bit of work from a few devoted people will make it be finished
at once. But there is still a lot of work to be done. The important parts of the
book are almost finished, and we decided to remove some not even started parts for
the 1.0 version, but the book really needs a lot of reviewers for fixing the
incorrect language uses, the not working sample code, etc. So, again, if you speak
Spanish and are interested in having a GNOME programming book in this language, please
the discussion list
, Juanan really needs all possible help. Just as another
incentive (if working for having good books of your preferred Free Software project
is not enough), I’ll mention we plan to find a publisher once the book is finished.